• In-house R&D facility Recognised by Department of Scientific & Industrial Research.Govt.of.India.
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About Us

About Us

Working Towards a Healthier Tomorrow

Microbax is a leading producer of probiotics. The people behind the project have expertise of over three decades in handling Fermentation systems, especially for producing Probiotics and enzymes.

The core philosophy driving Microbax is product excellence through value addition.Our incessant drive to achieve product improvement, consistency and performance is perceptible through the activities, both manufacturing and quality assurance.

At Microbax, we believe in strict adherence to “Current Good Manufacturing Practices” (cGMP) and in building values for customers by providing both products and services of international standards. Our products thus conform to global standards ensuring consistent availability of world class products.

Contract Research & Manufacturing

Microbax also takes up projects for contract research and contract manufacture. A wide range of probiotics, prebiotics, metabolites and other microorganisms can be developed and manufactured on a contract basis. Our modern facility and experienced and qualified staff make it possible to develop and produce the required microorganisms in bulk, as well as their formulations.

R & D

The In-house R&D Facility is recognised by DSIR – Dept of Scientific & Industrial research, Govt. of India. Research and development activity is carried out mainly in the field of probiotics and prebiotics. Microbax has successfully developed and commercialized selected probiotics and prebiotics for use in human healthcare, animal healthcare including aquaculture and organisms for agriculture, effluent treatment and vector control.


Microbax has set up a sophisticated, State-of-the-Art QAD to ensure products are manufactured in strict conformity with laid down procedures & processes.
The laboratory with proper ambience is custom designed and built to avoid material and process contamination, Besides ensuring that the product meets all the in built quality attributes claimed and intended of it. All systems and facilities are maintained as per most stringent International standards.


The product consistency and performance assurance is achieved through system compliance checks by constant internal audit of production and allied activities. QAD also takes on itself the responsibility to minimize contamination level by constantly updating the implementation of the CGMP with constant watch on product purity profile by adhering to Good Laboratory Practices.