Probiotic Microorganisms for AquaCulture:
Microorganisms as gut probiotics for fish and shrimps and as probiotic agents to maintain a healthy environment in the pond by decomposing wastes and reducing the impact of toxic compounds like ammonia, phosphates, hydrogen sulphide etc.
Aspergillus oryzae
Bacillus coagulans
Bacillus megaterium
Bacillus pumilus
Lactobacillus sporogenes
Nitrosomonas spp
Rhodobacter spp
Thiobacillus spp

Aspergillus niger
Bacillus licheniformis
Bacillus polymyxa
Bacillus subtilis
Nitrobacter spp
Pseudomonas spp
Rhodococcus spp
Trichoderma spp
Probiotic Soil & water Conditioner
Keeps the pond bottom and water clear by digesting sediments.
Keeps the pond free from toxic materials amd malodorous gases.
Optimizes the dissolved oxygen level by Bringing down BOD and COD levels.
Keeps the pond free from pathogenic microoganisms.
Maintains stable plankton bloom.
Effective over a wide range of pH and salinity.
Improves survival and productivity.